DiverseArts Mobile App


DiverseArts is introducing thier new apps, for Android and Windows phone.  What better way to keep up to date on all of the latest events and happenings at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard and New East Arts Gallery. Each mobile app keeps you connected with thier events, articles, locations, and social outlets. So why not go over to the Google Play store or Windows Marketplace and show your continued support for the leading premier producer of quality, cultural programing on the east side, by purchasing an app today.

DiverseArts Culture Works is a non-profit multidisciplinary cultural arts organization dedicated to the long-term development of the Austin African American Cultural Heritage District. Our mission is to produce a wide range of cultural, educational, and artistic programming within the District, including cultural preservation and documentary work that assures that the African American cultural legacy of Central East Austin is documented and honored into the future, all while bridging cultural gaps between Austin communities by disseminating this history to a broad-based audience.
Our Vision is to be the premier producer of cultural programs—across disciplines—that celebrate the richness of East Austin’s history, showcase the contemporary creative community, and connect to traditions derived from African American Culture. By doing so, we will significantly contribute to the cultural quality of life of all Austinites and all who visit the District.


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Windows Marketplace:
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Google Play Store:
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