The Magic World of Music


The Magic World of Music introduces children to the musical notes as they explore and dream, about their world.

Monique Dacheff – Writer
Austin is my home of nine years, as a music educator and professional singer working with children of all ages. I also own a company, Artistic Education that promotes music and dance art forms throughout the greater central Texas area. Anyhow, like so many children’s book authors, I use my vivid imagination and prior knowledge to build on what I want my readers of all ages to learn! As for me…I enjoy writing about music through colorful musical characters and bringing music literally to life. I love working with and teaching children at a parish school in Austin, however there is something truly magical about writing stories on my spare time. So the website is about keeping connected to our reader’s and fans!

Stephanie M. Resendez – Illustrator
A local freelance Austin artist. Experience includes portrait photographer, film photographer for Austin based companies, event planner assistant, website developer and graphic designer for DiverseArts Culture Works, and website developer and graphic designer for individuals promoting their businesses. She also has collaborated in the illustration of a children’s book with a local Austin teacher. During her studies at the university, she maintained several computer labs, provided support to students and staff on computer applications and hardware and developed application based tutorials. She is a graduate from Saint Edward’s University with a degree in Photocommunications and a minor in Graphic Design.



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